Technology and equipment

School project-1School project-2We are a very modern school with the highest technical equipment available on the market. Every classroom is equipped with a computer and a smartboard. A Smartboard is a big screen, which has a touch screen. Your way of learning is completely different, because you can draw graphs on the board in a special computer program called GeoGebra. Also for language learning it offers new possibilities, for example you can use videos on you tube for visualising things or read online articles about what is happening right now in the world.

School project-4Specialist rooms for Science, Art, Music and Sewing Biology is much more interesting with microscopes, seeing microorganisms. The oxyhydrogen test can be understood much better, when I do it myself. Music is making music. Talking about old-fashioned musicians is boring. Making songs with the whole class – this is how music should be and is on our school. Here you can find more details.

Sewing – a boring thing for grandmothers? No way!

School project-3Sewing is a lesson for boys and girls, making wonderful things, like dresses, bags, T-Shirts and so on. Sewing machines are there for every pupil, so that everyone can work on their own.


School project-5Being a handicap does not make you a person of second-class. It is a normal thing, which should be handled with respect and kindness. An elevator was build, so that handicaps have an easy way to go to their rooms, and an extra bathroom. So you do not have to feel insecure about it – it is nothing bad which make you less worth.

Assembly hall

School project-6A Christmas concert, a piano concert or the results day are hold in the Assembly hall. It has headlights and speakers, so the atmosphere is always suitable.

Teacher’s room

School project-7Three rooms for all teachers to relax and work without annoying kids.

Conference room

School project-8For the school certificates are conferences in the end of January and June with the home teachers, the class representatives and the school representatives. That’s the room for this.

School administration and Pupil library

School project-9The school administration is in one hallway.

Making homework or learning for exams last minute and no silent place? For this there is the pupil library, with tables, chairs, comfortable sofas and new computers. The reference work is an opportunity to have an easier way.

The Center itself

School project-10The main school building consists of three small buildings. And there are three entrances in the back, so that you have an easy way to get in.

Sports and Fields

School project-12Sports is exercise. In a group, pair or individual. Basketball, Football, Badminton or Hockey – Sports is funny, if you have enough space. We have two fields for the students, a Football field and a Basketball field. For the normal lesson there are three sports halls with big equipment.

Funny pictures

School project-13School project-14A chameleon here, a house there. Many funny wall pictures are here and there, just open your eyes and you will find some ‘magic’.